Don’t Double The Next Dose

In case you miss a dose of the prenatal vitamins, take the missed dose as soon as doable after you remember. However, if it is sort of time for the subsequent dose, do not take the missed dose at all; simply return to your regular dosing schedule. Don’t double the next dose.

Scenarios like these might quickly turn out to be actuality, thanks to a brand new system developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP). The system can be thought of as a pc-controlled drug patch — much like the look and feel of a nicotine patch (though this one is somewhat heavier). The patch can painlessly inject precise quantities of medication into the physique. The patch relies partly on HP’s present inkjet technology and partly on an rising expertise involving microneedles. The inkjet system controls the circulation of medicine by way of the patch, and the microneedles, fabricated from materials like silicon, metals, and biodegradable polymers, help transmit the drugs via the pores and skin [supply: Toon].

If you’ve spent any time in the pores and skin care aisle at your native store, you know that determining which products to buy, cleaning soap and non-soap cleansers included, might be a really time-consuming process. So which is best — bar soap or liquid cleaning soap? You might be relieved to know that at a very fundamental degree there is no real difference between the 2. All types of true cleaning soap are composed of the same important elements — alkali salts of fatty acids and detergent properties [supply: U.S. Meals and Drug Administration]. The detergent in soap, which known as a surfactant, allows oil and svr active review dirt to mix with and be washed away by water [supply: Cosmetics Data].

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