Olympus E-P2 Official, Patches Over E-P1 Problems And Jacks Up The Value

The E-P2 incorporates a brand new port for connecting new accessories including an optionally available EMA-1 Microphone adapter and the VF-2 live-finder, a detachable digital viewfinder that comes with the E-P2. The live-finder easily slides onto the camera’s accessory port and hot shoe when wanted to provide 1.15x magnification, a 100% field of view with amazing resolution, brightness and distinction. The viewfinder refreshes quickly to minimize picture ghosting on quick-moving topics.

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ConclusionAt US$79.Ninety nine for the 11-inch Cartella and $89.Ninety nine for the 13-inch Cartella, it falls right according to similar instances made for the iPad. It is handmade in Minnesota, and if you are desirous to spend a little cash for a real ebook-like feel for the the MacBook Air, you will not go flawed with the Cartella.

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