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Taser’s Smallest Weapon Ever Is For Civilians, Not Cops

Though Taser is generally identified for supplying weapons to law enforcement officers, the corporate additionally focuses on people who are eager about self-protection products. With this in thoughts, Taser’s introduced the Pulse, a small and lightweight weapon designed for the personal protection of each-day civilians. Pulse, which Taser says is its smallest weapon ever, could be easily carried around in a handbag or concealed on somebody’s back, measuring a mere 5.24 inches lengthy by 4.5 inches tall and genuine leather bag factory weighing roughly half a pound.

Cash-clever, not much. Not unless you may get folks to pay $three a glass. And strangely, the lemonade stand is technically illegal in most U.S. states, cities and municipalities. Don’t believe us? Try LemonadeFreedom.com, one among several grassroots organizations opposed to the nationwide crackdown on unlicensed, unregulated food and beverage stands staffed by kids.

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