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Parker Road Drug Store is a local impartial pharmacy that has served the Greenville neighborhood for seventy five years. We offer fast, pleasant service with the most effective prices in city. Our providers embody traditional prescription filling, compounding, immunizations, pet care and far more. Stop by Parker Highway Drug Retailer right now, and experience the distinction particular person and genuine care will make in your healthcare expertise.

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Another hormonal imbalance linked to increased fat deposits concerns leptin, a hormone that sends alerts to your physique that you are full. Individuals who devour a lot fructose in their diets (both from pure foods, equivalent to fruit, and from processed foods) can find yourself with too much leptin of their bodies. Too much of anything is not good; when your body has an excessive amount of leptin in it, your mind ignores its alerts. Thus you don’t realize you are full, and you retain eating [source: Gottfried].

MSMThe total title is a mouthful — methylsulfonylmethane — and it’s claimed to have outstanding ache-relief power. MSM is a sulfur-containing compound found naturally in the physique and in green vegetables. It’s a relative of DMSO, one other more well-identified prescription sulfur compound that is long been stated to relieve ache. If MSM works, its essential advantage over DMSO is that it is odorless.

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