Why Aren’t YOU Using QR Codes?

We have been helping businesses work extra effectively for 95 years. So QR codes and lots of of different smart advertising and marketing and oscommerce pos promotional tactics are proper in our wheelhouse. Optimistic customer evaluations have earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And our ISO certification keeps our processes focused and “buttoned up”

QR codes use an algorithm for error correction, which means that depending on the harm they suffer, they’ll nonetheless restore some of the lost information. The very best stage of error correction a QR code can have is 30% correction. In case your QR codes are torn, smudged or folded in a roundabout way during shipment, they’re way more prone to nonetheless function as compared to a 1D barcode.

Questioning what the attractive geometric design on the left is? You’re not the just one. Until recently I had assumed that these designs were simple decoration. It turns out I’m not the only one who’s unfamiliar with these so-known as QR codes (Quick Response codes). A College of Bath study in 2008 discovered that solely 13% of college college students interviewed knew what QR codes are! This immediately makes me really feel loads less stupid. To be truthful, a second examine carried out by the College of Bath this 12 months found that the number of scholars who knew about QR codes had increased to 38%. But that does make me feel silly!

When choosing your colours other than white background and black foreground be certain there may be enough distinction. It is totally ok to make use of a coloured background on your QR Code but it is best to make sure that to create enough contrast to the foreground. If your colors are too similar in contrast it may possibly get tough for QR code readers to scan your QR code simply in all gentle situations. Some scanners can’t even read QR codes with too low contrast at all. Here is good and a nasty instance:

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