Why is the solar system shaped like this?

We don’t know why the solar system is shaped like this. It could be different, like many other solar systems in the universe, arranged quite differently. It depends on how they appeared. But man has discovered the laws of nature that allow us to explain how the current shape of the solar system is preserved.

Like other planets, the Earth revolves in an orbit around the Sun. The time of one revolution of the Earth around the Sun we call a year. The orbits of other planets are larger or smaller than the orbit of the Earth.

How did the solar system originate? Why are the planets so big? Why do they move in their orbits? Astronomers cannot accurately answer these questions. They offer two kinds of theories. According to one, the Sun and the planets in their present form originated from a huge cloud of rotating hot gases. The outgrowths of this giant rotating cloud of dust and gases formed the planets.

The authors of another group of theories believe that in the past the Sun approached another star. Large “pieces” separated from the Sun and began to revolve around the Sun. These parts of the Sun became planets.

It doesn’t matter which theory is right, what matters is that the current shape of the solar system is somewhat random. Why does she stay like this? According to Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, all planets revolve around the Sun in elliptical (elongated) orbits; the closer the planet to the Sun, the higher its speed of movement; the time it takes to complete one revolution depends on the distance to the sun. Newton’s law of gravity (and Kepler’s three laws are part of it) explains why two objects attract. The solar system has such a shape because, in accordance with some laws of nature, there is a certain interaction between the Sun and the planets.

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